Here are a few tracks and videos.


>>>>>>>From Frigate :

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/ Girl I Left Behind Me  A couple of good dance tunes that we enjoy putting a swing beat to.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From Riptide:

A video of a dance we played in Jonesboro TN.

Riptide at the Jonesboro Contradance 3/19/2011



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From Rumblestrip (Glen Loper, Nat Hewitt, Liza Constable) :

Amor del Bajo Corrales  A Mexican waltz that we learned from a Dan Newton album.

Water in The Attic-The Wise Tooth Two jigs from Rumblestrip. I wrote the first while living in an attic apartment in Brunswick ME. Fiddler Nat Hewitt composed The Wise Tooth after having some dental work done….

My Mother’s Son-In-Law An old swing tune that Liza brought to Rumblestrip.






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