Frigate (the ship, not the epithet) is a trio based in Maine that plays for dances and events all over the state. Steve teaches in the Farmington schools and was named Maine Music Educator of the year in 2007. Fred has played his “drums and bass” style guitar in bands from D.C. to Maine.  Frigate has a CD available, and can readily play everything from hot, swinging improvisations to sweet waltzes for your dance, wedding, or party.

Steve Muise on fiddle and button accordion

Glen Loper on mandolin and banjo

Fred White on guitar and percussion.

Photo:Payge Emerson




cropped steampacket

The Steampacket  trio  plays for  dances, weddings, and other events in Maine’s Mid-Coast region. With soaring fiddle, bright mandolin,  and David’s creative drop-D guitar playing, we get a rich, powerful sound that lifts the dancers and pleases listeners of all sorts.

Tamora Goltz on fiddle

David Stimson on guitar, piano, banjo,  concertina

Glen Loper on mandolin, banjo, and percussion.



A powerful current of high-energy conradance music from Maine. Alden Robinson on fiddle, Owen Marshall on ripping DADGAD guitar and harmonium, and Glen Loper on mandolin.  Riptide has played throughout the east coast, at dances and dance weekends from Maine to Florida. Also available as four-piece band with bassist Stuart Kenny, or percussionist Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg.   For more about Riptide visit the band website at:





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