Happy 2015

bird playing mandolin


Happy New Year y’all. 2014 wrapped up with a dance and a concert in the Philadelphia area with Lissa Schneckenburger and Bethany Waickman, and dances in North Whitefield, ME and Jamaica Plains, MA.  Christmas Day in Maine was abnormally warm, but the weather in January is making up for it.  Our upstairs pipes have frozen a couple times now….

On a warmer note, the first few months of 2015 will have a few great dances as well. Riptide plays at the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend in Durham NH on Jan 17 and 18, and travels to California for the Fiddling Frog Dance weekend with our buddies Mark Hellenberg and Stuart Kenney at the end of February.  The Henry Road Band with John Pranio, Toki Oshima, and Jamie Oshima will hit the road in March for a few dances in  Massachusetts and Connecticut with the esteemed Dugan Murphy calling.  I’ll also be doing a show at Blue on Feb 18 with a few friends….although that date might change  due to Blue’s remodeling/expansion project. Those events and others are all on the schedule page.

The new year and the winter season is a great time to woodshed some tunes. If you’re in the Portland, ME area, I offer private lessons for mandolin and tenor banjo. Shoot me an e-mail and I can get you more information about that. I’ll also be teaching at David Surette’s March Mandolin Festival this year along with Skip Gorman and Don Stiernberg.

Hope to see you somewhere musical soon.




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