Problem solved! Hello 2019!

Thanks to Alden Robinson, this site is back and extremely Google-able.

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the site. I added a little bit about my latest contradance band Stomp Rocket, and I posted a few YouTube videos on the Media page.

Website issues aside, it’s been a fun 2019 so far, with New Year’s gigs with Stomp Rocket in Sheffield, MA and Washington D.C., a dance weekend in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho with Alden Robinson and Max Newman, the Epicenter Dance Weekend with Riptide in Mill Valley, CA, and most recently the Chesapeake Bay Dance Weekend with Stomp Rocket.

Next week Riptide will be at the Butterfly Whirl weekend in Atlanta, GA. In June I’ll be back at Maine Fiddle Camp in Montville, ME with all the usual suspects, and I’m looking forward to playing with Larry Unger, Audrey Knuth, and Casey Murray at Labor Day Dance Away in Julian, CA at the end of August.

If you’re looking for mandolin or tenor banjo lessons, I’m still teaching in Portland, ME and I do have openings for new students.



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